Itinerary & Topics of Discussion

8:00 Registration

9:00 Opening

9:15 Speaker 1 KLOOTWYK

10:15 Speaker 2 PATTERSON

11:15 Speaker 3 DALE

12:15 Lunch (provided)

13:00 Speaker 4 BEEBE

14:00 Speaker 5 MORAN

15:00 Speaker 6 URANKAR

16:00 Beers & Barbells (social hour)

Knee Injuries and Return to Play Dr. Klootwyk and Sara Myers

Both Dr. Klootwyk and Sara Myers will discuss knee injuries for sports, in particular, ACL, MCL, LCL, and meniscus tears. Preventative actions for student athletes. Which areas of the body to strengthen to help protect against injures and maximize play. Return to play processes and procedures for building the athlete physically and mentally, including PT rehab, phases of testing, stability building, strength building, speed building. Will look at testing protocols and assessments for full recovery.

Lessons Learned as a Strength Coach with Tiffany Patterson

Giving 100% each day to athletes, coworkers & bringing energy to your S&C program. Development of interns to help your S&C program succeed. Putting processes & expectations in place for your S&C program. Being open & responsive to new ideas & change. Paying attention to verbal cues & tone of voice, owning the room, remaining confident. Gaining respect with athletes & other coaches. Setting boundaries & prioritizing. Staying in communication with student athletes, other coaches and colleagues. Being responsive to others, utilizing active listening, honest feedback, and empathy.

Eating to Perform with Jesse Dale

Optimal training for muscle hypertrophy: Reps, sets and training volume are dissected. Exercise selection. Recovery techniques, which work and which ones to potentially avoid. Optimizing hormones. Nutrient and protein intake to maximize recovery. Protein and carbohydrate intake for maximal training. Supplementation for strength, recovery and general health

After completing the module students will be aligned to design a resistant training program that optimizes muscle mass and strength gains for physique or sports purposes. Students will receive tactical knowledge on how to instill recovery techniques into their training for better results and what supplements move the ball up the field the most from a science standpoint

Devising the Athlete’s Playbook for Performance with Jim Beebe

Building a comprehensive training program to develop athletes mentally and physically in six areas: Mindset, Knowledge of their sport, working with Teammates, Training, Nutrition, and Recovery. Utilizing a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT Analysis) to identify and prioritize competitive advantages, limiting factors, next targets, and risks. Formulating a format for progressing annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily to Win The Day.

Building Power & Speed with Kyle Moran

Using a methodical approach to athlete development through movement exposure. The system and principles I use for progressions and regressions of plyometrics to help athletes improve their performance. How, why, and when to use the Olympic Lift variations to improve athletic performance. How to use velocity-based training to improve training outcomes. How and when to use accommodating resistance to improve a variety of strength qualities.

Unlocking the Strength and Power You Already Have with Dr. Todd

Dr. Todd (“Strongman Doc”) is the founder of IN Chiropractic. After suffering a life-changing injury where he almost lost his arm in a work-related accident, his life was forever changed. At one time he had a promising body building and strongman career, but the accident forever altered things. He was still committed to working with athletes and found a new outlet. He will bring his 25+ years of experience to discuss the effects on strength and power output from positively and negatively involving stretching and isometric holds. He’ll also dissect the effects from passive vs. ballistic stretching, dry needling, scraping, competition do’s and don’ts, assessing athletes, and collaborating with other professionals for the athlete’s benefit.

On-line coaching and speaking:

Jim Beebe is the Founder and Head Coach for Unbreakable Athletics Academy in Plainfield, Indiana since 2013. Unbreakable Athletics is a local strength and conditioning gym. He has coached over 400 student athletes in college, high school and middle school. More than 10% of his athletes advanced to play in college with more than half of those playing at the Division I level. In addition, he coached over 1,000 adults in CrossFit, strength training, and nutrition. Over the last 10 years, his gym has hosted the most events of any gym in the Midwest. He has competed personally in Strongman, Powerlifting, CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, and obstacle course races. He played racquetball for Purdue University’s travel team where he earned a BS and MS in Finance. He has certification in powerlifting, CrossFit, and strongman.

Jim is also the Founder and Head Coach of Athlete Builder. This is the online coaching service for student athletes. Our goal is to work with 20,000 college athletes and 2 national title winners by 2028. He works with teams and individuals, has his podcast, Athlete Builder, is publishing his own book in early 2024, and travels for public speaking and clinics. He works with high school athletes to maximize their skills in order to play at the highest level and eventually into college. Then he continues to help athletes evolve in order to earn a shot at the pros.

Dr. Klootwyk, MD

As a high school football and basketball student-athlete in Bloomington, Indiana, Dr. Thomas Klootwyk developed an early interest in sports-related injuries and the science involved in the healing and recovery from those injuries. His 25-year career includes international recognition and a place on the ACL Study Group, a selection of 150 knee surgeons worldwide who gather for a one-week discussion about advancements in the treatment of ACL injuries. He specializes in disorders of the knee. Additionally, Dr. Klootwyk brings the knowledge and experience he has gained as a team physician for high school, college and professional sports – including the Indianapolis Colts – to each patient he sees. He has been married for more than 30 years and has three daughters.

Sara Myers 

Sara Myers, MS, ATC, OTC, CSCS, CPT, enjoys proving to patients that they are stronger than they think they are as they progress through their rehabilitation journey. She specializes in post-surgical and non-surgical ACL, injury prevention, and strength and conditioning, as well as working with Forté’s Run Fit, Bike Fit and Golf Fit programs. Sara works with acute walk-in patients, as well as return-to-play athletes. In her free time, she loves hiking, biking, golfing and traveling, as well as cooking and entertaining. Sara enjoys spending time with family and friends, especially if it involves a sporting event.

Jesse J. Dale

Nutrition and fitness professional with 26 years of experience with corporate and private fitness clubs. After working in corporate fitness for 12 years went on to open several health clubs. In 2018 sold the health clubs to team up with IU School of Medicine and create a nutrition and wellness certification and business development program supported by NASM, ISSA, and AFAA that would roll out national. Have been speaking at corporate and private businesses for 20 years on nutritional sciences and optimal nutrition tactics for various objectives.

Dr. Todd McDougle B.S., D.C., F.I.C.A

A practicing chiropractor for over 25 years and the founder of Indiana Chiropractic & Wellness. As a former body builder and strength athlete Dr. Todd suffered a freak injury at work and almost lost his entire arm. After many surgeries and rehabilitation, he was able to recreate his life as a chiropractor. In addition to his private practice, he is now the on-sight preferred chiropractor for the world of professional strongman competitions as well as other elite strength sports. He’s been a member of many boards and is the current president of the International Chiropractor’s Association of Indiana.

Owner and Head Coach, Moran Academy for Strength and Speed
USA Weightlifting National Coach
Studied Exercise Science at Ball State University

I started my Strength and Conditioning journey in the world of Traditional Karate representing the AAU-USA National Karate team and Team USA Karate national team at multiple World and International competitions. Being short, slow, but curious, I dove down the rabbit hole of human performance and never looked back. I love a heated debate, will tell you if your lift sucks, then help you reach goals you never dreamed of. My life motto is “Always be Curious.”

Weightlifting Coach for 12 years Coached over 100 National Level Weightlifters Strength and Conditioning coach for 15 years Coached over 50 AAU-USA and USA Karate National team members

Tiffany Patterson

Tiffany Patterson, MS, CSCS serves as a Lead Human Performance Specialist with PSM Performance. Tiffany oversees the Edge Performance Training Program at Empowered Sports Club and has been a part of the PSM Performance staff since 2021. In addition to overseeing the Edge program at Empowered, Tiffany also manages all the training for Empowered Volleyball Club.

After graduating from Warsaw High School, Tiffany obtained her bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from IUPUI and then completed her master’s degree in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology from the University of Florida.

Prior to accepting her role with PSM Performance, Tiffany worked for 12 years in the healthcare profession serving in a variety of roles, including two-and-a-half years with Parkview Health.
Bachelor of science in Kinesiology - IUPUI
Master of science in Applied Physiology & Kinesiology - University of Florida
CSCS Certification
USAW-Level 1 Certification

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